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Safety Programs

Our Safety & Environmental  programs are designed to make an impact on the risk exposure to the district. The Safety & Environmental department strives to be conscientious of the safety culture the district needs to embrace to operate effectively for the benefit of its students, staff and patrons. Safety programs currently in place include:

  • Safety & Loss Prevention Spot Audits
  • HAZCOM / HAZMAT Program
  • Accident & Safety concern investigations
  • Safe Schools learning media system
  • Ergonomic assessments (Business Services)
  • Environmental/ Health analysis (IAQ studies, noise testing)
  • Emergency Planning
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Playground Safety

Safety & Loss Prevention Spot Audit Program:

The Safety & Environmental Supervisor conducts a comprehensive audit of each campus and district facility during each fiscal year to determine individual site strengths and challenges as well as offer suggestions to improve overall safety and security. This information is shared with appropriate district staff for review and discussion of district wide trends and best practices