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The district continually strives to maintain and enhance the security components of the district. Safety and Environmental Services oversees the physical security infrastructure district-wide. This infrastructure includes, but not limited to video surveillance, visitor management systems, etc… The district currently partners with American Digital Security (ADS) for most of our security needs, however the district is always reviewing new innovations and technologies to enhance our student’s protection.

Active Shooter Intruder Response Training (ASIRT)

During fall 2015, all district staff members began participating in a hands-on training called Active Shooter / Intruder Response Training (ASIRT). The training program, created by Strategos International, has been used successfully by many school districts and other organizations across the nation and within the metropolitan area. In addition to providing R-7 staff members with skills and hands-on training, ASIRT meets and exceeds new requirements in Missouri law for this type of training. This training is provide to all staff by certified district trainers and certified Lee’s Summit Police Department trainers.

Emergency Planning Operations:

One of the Safety & Environmental Services primary objective is to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for our students, staff, and patrons. Emergency Operations Planning, including table top logistical exercises as well as participation in regional training programs are conducted on a periodic basis at the site and district level. We strive to maintain a proactive working and cooperative relationship with local, regional, state and Federal law enforcement and public safety agencies.  The district’s Emergency Response Quality Focus Team works to provide a comprehensive emergency response plan utilizing key district staff and community stakeholders. Emergency drills for each location are planned on a monthly basis and include fire, intruder, tornado, earthquake, etc.